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EmulationStation-DE is a front-end application to manage all of your ROMs.


EmuDeck installs EmulationStation-DE, which allows you to manage your ROMs through a single front-end application. It can either be used as an alternative or in tandem with Steam Rom Manager (an application that adds ROMs as game shortcuts to your Steam Library).


EmulationStation-DE's Wiki:

EmulationStation-DE's FAQ:

Emulation-Station-DE Releases:

EmulationStation-DE currently scrapes art from and

Read the Steam ROM Manager page to learn more about Steam Rom Manager and how it can be used in tandem with EmulationStation-DE!

Emulationstation-DE Table of Contents

  1. Getting started with EmulationStation-DE

  2. EmulationStation-DE Tips and Tricks

Getting started with EmulationStation-DE

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Emulationstation-DE Configuration

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How to Update EmulationStation-DE

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How to Launch EmulationStation-DE

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How to add EmulationStation-DE to your Steam Library

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EmulationStation-DE Tips and Tricks

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