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Welcome to the EmuDeck wiki!

Important Links

What the hell is EmuDeck anyways?

EmuDeck is an installation script that helps you get started with emulation on the Steam Deck. It is not an all in one solution like some other software. Instead, it strives to provide the best possible official options to you, set up and ready to go.

Install Emulators? Done for you. Software is either installed from the available Software Store (Discover), or directly from the Emulators official repositories.

Folder Structure? Ready to roll. EmuDeck creates an easy to use Emulation folder with folders for your BIOS files and ROMs.

Hotkeys? Yup. Where possible these are consistent. By the nature of there being lots of different programs here sometimes EmuDeck will need to provide Steam Input Profiles to get these going.

Settings? EmuDeck does its best to optimize every emulator for the Steam Deck. You can certainly tweak stuff, but it's recommended to do so with per-game settings.

Emulator Updates? These are available in the Discover store or on the Manage Emulators page within the EmuDeck application.

Could you do everything EmuDeck does on your own? You sure could, but now you don't have to.

EmuDeck for Windows and EmuDeck for Android

EmuDeck for Windows

EmuDeck for Windows is still in development. Its feature suite is not currently at parity with EmuDeck for SteamOS but more will be added over time.

For more information, read EmuDeck for Windows FAQ.

EmuDeck for Android

EmuDeck for Android is ready for testing through EmuDeck's Patreon, found here: It is only available through the "Early Access" or "EmuDeck Fan" tiers.

General Usage

  1. To begin with EmuDeck, please download and run the installer from the main page at
  2. Updates are handled by simply running EmuDeck again.
    • You can find EmuDeck on your desktop:
    • It is recommend to allow EmuDeck to reset your general emulator configurations on each update, in order to be up to date with the latest optimizations. To change configurations, it is recommend to use per-game settings. These will not be overwritten by updates.
  3. If you would like to customize your install, choose Custom Mode during the installer.
  4. After you run EmuDeck once, you may open EmuDeck to use its suite of tools.
  5. To easily update emulators, use the updater on the Manage Emulators page.
  6. If you come across something where you feel that the configurations should be updated, please create an issue: and the EmuDeck team will get back to you shortly!
    • The EmuDeck team cannot promise it will be a bug-free experience. Please report any bugs you come across by submitting an issue on the GitHub page.

Setup Required: Many emulators require BIOS files. Generally place them in the Emulation/bios directly with no subfolders. There are a few exceptions. You can check the Cheat Sheet for more information.

Please note - ROMs, BIOS files, or any other copyrighted files are not included in the install. Asking for support on where to obtain these files is not allowed.

And while you're here, check out the rest of the EmuDeck wiki on the sidebar to learn more about all of the wonderful tools and emulators installed by EmuDeck.

Enjoy retro gaming!


The EmuDeck Team