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Yuzu is a Nintendo Switch emulator.



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Yuzu Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with Yuzu

  2. Yuzu Tips and Tricks

Getting Started with Yuzu

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In order to play Nintendo Switch games on Yuzu, you will need a prod.keys file and title.keys to decrypt your ROMs. You will need to continue to keep your prod.keys and title.keys up to date as new Nintendo Switch firmware releases.

If you play a Nintendo Switch game with Miis (for example - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe), you will need firmware files.

Read Yuzu's Quick Start guide to learn how to dump Nintendo Switch keys, firmware, and ROMs:

Place your ROMs in Emulation\roms\switch. Place your prod.keys file in Emulation\bios\yuzu\keys. Place your firmware files in Emulation\bios\yuzu\firmware.

Read the Configuration section to learn more about Yuzu and its folder locations.

To launch your ROMs in game mode, use Steam ROM Manager and use one of the following parsers to play your Nintendo Switch ROMs:

  • EmulationStation-DE
  • Nintendo Switch - Yuzu
  • Emulators

Yuzu Configuration

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  • Executable Location: %USERPROFILE%\emudeck\EmulationStation-DE\Emulators\yuzu-windows-msvc\yuzu.exe
  • Config Location: %USERPROFILE%\emudeck\EmulationStation-DE\Emulators\yuzu-windows-msvc\user\config
  • Storage Location: %USERPROFILE%\emudeck\EmulationStation-DE\Emulators\yuzu-windows-msvc\user\nand
  • ROMs: Emulation\roms\switch
  • Firmware: Emulation\bios\yuzu\firmware
    • Shortcut folder to the proper place. DO NOT OVERWRITE THE FOLDER or it won't work
    • Target: %USERPROFILE%\emudeck\EmulationStation-DE\Emulators\yuzu-windows-msvc\user\nand\system\Contents\registered
  • Keys: Emulation\bios\yuzu\keys
    • Shortcut folder to the proper place. DO NOT OVERWRITE THE FOLDER or it won't work
    • Target: %USERPROFILE%\emudeck\EmulationStation-DE\Emulators\yuzu-windows-msvc\user\keys
  • Saves:
    • Shortcut: Emulation\saves\yuzu
    • Target: %USERPROFILE%\emudeck\EmulationStation-DE\Emulators\yuzu-windows-msvc\user\nand\user\save

Works with:

  • Steam ROM Manager
  • EmulationStation-DE

How to Update Yuzu

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How to Launch Yuzu

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  • Launch Yuzu from the EmuDeck folder in the Start Menu
  • Launch yuzu.bat file in Emulation\tools\launchers
  • Launch yuzu.exe in %USERPROFILE%\emudeck\EmulationStation-DE\Emulators\yuzu-windows-msvc
  • Launch the emulator from Steam after adding it via the Emulators parser in Steam ROM Manager

Yuzu File Formats

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  • .kp
  • .nca
  • .nro
  • .nso
  • .nsp
  • .xci

How to Manage DLC and Updates

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Yuzu Tips and Tricks

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How to Set Up Early Access

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Download it and copy Yuzu's files to %USERPROFILE%\EmuDeck\EmulationStation-DE\Emulators\yuzu