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How to Install EmuDeck for SteamOS

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  1. If you are using an SD Card, format your SD Card in Game Mode on SteamOS. SD Cards need to be formatted as ext4 (or btrfs) to be compatible with EmuDeck.
    • Skip this step if you have already formatted your SD Card
  2. Switch to Desktop Mode. Pressing the STEAM button, then select Power and choose Switch to Desktop.
  3. Download the EmuDeck Installer.
  4. Copy the installer to your Steam Deck's desktop. Run the EmuDeck Installer.
  5. Copy your games to the Emulation/roms folder created by the installer. Open Steam ROM Manager through EmuDeck. Each parser corresponds to an emulator or tool. Enable which parsers you would like to use.
    • Copy your BIOS to Emulation/bios
    • Refer to the Cheat Sheet for which folders correspond to which systems, a full list of ROM file types, and expected BIOS
  6. After you have selected your parsers:
    • Click on Preview
    • Click Parse
    • Wait for all the images to download
    • Click Save apps to Steam. The first time may take a few moments, After it saves successfully, your selected ROMs and tools will be added to your Steam library.
  7. Close Steam ROM Manager. Click Return to Game Mode on your desktop and your EmuDeck install is now complete!

EmulationStation-DE: Interested in using EmulationStation-DE as a front-end? Select the EmulationStationDE parser in Steam ROM Manager. Mix and match. Add some of your ROMs to your Steam library and manage the rest in EmulationStation-DE!