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EmuDeck Store: Install and discover homebrew games, retro games with a twist.

The EmuDeck store is a collection of free non-commercial games.

Please contact us on on our Discord, if:

  • You created an included game and you no longer want the game to be bundled with EmuDeck
  • You want your games to be bundled with EmuDeck

Homebrew Games Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with Homebrew Games

Getting Started with Homebrew Games

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Setting up Homebrew Games

In Desktop Mode

  1. Open the EmuDeck application on your desktop
  2. Click the EmuDeck Store button
  3. Select your homebrew games

In Game Mode

  1. Open EmulationStation-DE
  2. Select a system with Homebrew Games
    1. List of Homebrew Games
  3. Select a game

Downloading a Homebrew games will add a homebrew folder and the respective ROM to its system folder in Emulation/roms. Steam ROM Manager is automatically configured to not search for these games. You will need to use EmulationStation-DE to play EmuDeck's collection of Homebrew Games. You can add EmulationStation-DE to Steam by using the EmulationStation-DE parser in Steam ROM Manager.

List of Homebrew Games

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EmuDeck Curated games:

Game Author(s) System Links(s)
Alter Ego Shiru, Denis Grachev Nintendo NES -
Abbaye des Morts Parisoft Nintendo NES -
Atmo Sphere FiskBit Nintendo NES -
Bare Metal Wendel Scardua Nintendo NES -
Blob Quest Tom Livak Nintendo NES -
Space Gulls Morphcat Games Nintendo NES -
GraviBots RetroSouls Sega Genesis -
Robert Cop 2 Vs Dragon Ninja - Sega Genesis -
Tourmaline RetroSouls Sega Genesis -
Dottie Dreads Nought Goldlocke Nintendo SNES -
Sure Instinct Bejamin Schulte Nintendo SNES -
SuperCooked! Goldlocke Nintendo SNES

The following games come from webrcade's selection, all the curation efforts and congrats goes to them. They are a great online emulator, you should try it!

Game Author(s) System Links(s)
Alter Ego Shiru, Denis Grachev Nintendo NES
Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril (Demo) Sivak Games Nintendo NES
Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment (Demo) Sivak Games Nintendo NES
Blade Buster High Level Challenge Nintendo NES
Driar Stefan Adolfsson, David Eriksson Nintendo NES
Elite Ian Bell, David Braben Nintendo NES
Lan Master Shiru Nintendo NES
Lawn Mower Shiru Nintendo NES
Legends of Owlia, The Gradual Games Nintendo NES
NES Virus Cleaner Sly Dog Studios Nintendo NES
Nomolos: Storming the CATsle Gradual Games Nintendo NES
PROTO DERE .NES AppSir Games Nintendo NES
Streemerz Faux Game Company (Mr. Podunkian) Nintendo NES
Gunman Clive (Demo) Bertil Hörberg Nintendo NES
Jet Pilot Rising Dieter Von Laser Nintendo NES
MazezaM Challenge Alekmaul Nintendo NES
REM (Demo) rmn0 Nintendo NES
Rodas Cross (Demo) Kaffeeware Nintendo NES
Skipp and Friends Mukunda Johnson, Ken Snyder, Steven Velema, Hubert Lamontagne Nintendo NES
Super Boss Gaiden German duo Dieter Laser, ChronoMoogle Nintendo NES
Uwol: Quest for Money Alekmaul, The Mojon Twins Nintendo NES
Bouncing Ball, The HuCABBAGE Nintendo Game Boy
Dangan Snorpung and Nordloef Nintendo Game Boy
Into the Blue Jonas Fischbach Nintendo Game Boy
Lumberjack JMD, Koyot1222, TmK, rv6502 Nintendo Game Boy
Polka Sheep zal0, sergeeo, and kirblu Nintendo Game Boy
Retroid Jonas Fischbach Nintendo Game Boy
Rocket Man (Demo) Imanolea, Seiyouh, NAP.VGM Nintendo Game Boy
Super Princess' 2092 EXODUS Zalo, sergeeo Nintendo Game Boy
Tobu Tobu Girl Simon Larsen Nintendo Game Boy
Tuff Ivo Wetzel Nintendo Game Boy
Floracy (Demo) Kritzelkratz 3000 Nintendo Game Boy Color
Infinity (Preview) Affinix Software Nintendo Game Boy Color
Last Crown Warriors (Demo) Light Games Nintendo Game Boy Color
Space Invasion Thalamus Interactive Nintendo Game Boy Color
Spelunky sukus Nintendo Game Boy Color
Super JetPak DX Nintendo Game Boy Color
µCity Antonio Niño Díaz Nintendo Game Boy Color
Anguna Bite the Chili Productions Nintendo GBA
Another World Eric Chahi and Cyril Cogordan Nintendo GBA
Astrohawk Advance (Demo) Paul Lay Nintendo GBA
Blast Arena Advance Mathew Carr Nintendo GBA
Broken Circle 7 Raven Studio Nintendo GBA
Flappy Bird Jay van Hutten Nintendo GBA
MazezaM Challenge Alekmaul Nintendo GBA
Motocross Challenge DHG Nintendo GBA
POWDER Jeff Lait Nintendo GBA
Power Pig Genecyst Nintendo GBA,7675.0.html
Simonchu Jagos Nintendo GBA
Super Wings eKid Nintendo GBA,4961.0.html
Sushi the Cat N3TKaT and Kamui Nintendo GBA
Astro Force Enrique Ruiz Sega Master System
Bara Burū Kagesan Sega Master System
Bruce Lee Kagesan Sega Master System
CIMMERiAN (Demo) Ichigobankai Sega Master System
DARC Richard Cornelisse Sega Master System
Flight of Pigarus Kagesan Sega Master System
Galactic Revenge Enrique Ruiz Sega Master System
Mecha 8 (Demo) îscar Toledo G. Sega Master System
Monkey Lad Eric Fry, surt, Niloct Sega Master System
Silver Valley Enrique Ruiz Sega Master System
Super Uwol! na_th_an, anjuel, Davidian, Zenman Sega Master System
Wing Warriors Fran Matsusaka Sega Master System
Dangerous Demolition Dr. Ludos Sega Game Gear
Fire Track Ben Ryves Sega Game Gear
Nibbles Martin Konrad Sega Game Gear
Swabby Anders S. Jensen Sega Game Gear
Turrican (Demo) Martin Konrad Sega Game Gear
Wing Warriors Fran Matsusaka Sega Game Gear
Zoop 'Em Up (Demo) Martin Konrad Sega Game Gear
Arkagis Revolution (Trial) Sik Sega Genesis
Cave Story Andrew DeRosier Sega Genesis
Demons of Asteborg (Demo) Neofid Studios Sega Genesis
IK+ Deluxe Igor, Troudki, Yannus Stark, Kaot Sega Genesis
Irena Genesis Metal Fury White Ninja Sega Genesis
Ixion Nendo Sega Genesis
Lethal Wedding (Demo) Mega Cat Studios Sega Genesis
Mega Q*bert Jaklub Sega Genesis
Old Towers RetroSouls Sega Genesis
Omega Blast Nendo Sega Genesis
Papi Commando Remix (Demo) Studio Vetea Sega Genesis
Phantom Gear (Demo) Bits Rule Sega Genesis
Pringles Future Driver Sega Genesis
Project MD (Unfinished) Sik Sega Genesis
Rick Dangerous Pascal, Foxy, Stef Sega Genesis
Tanglewood (Demo) Big Evil Corporation Sega Genesis
VilQ Adventure AceMan, Axi0maT, Koyot1222 Sega Genesis
Xump 2: Back to Space Florent Veroce, Christian Damm, Jakub Szelag, Andrew Lemon Sega Genesis
Zero Tolerance Technopop Sega Genesis
Doom 1 (Shareware) id Software Doom Classic
Freedoom Phase 1 Contributors to the Freedoom project Doom Classic
Freedoom Phase 2 Contributors to the Freedoom project Doom Classic