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Pegasus is a front-end application to manage all of your ROMs.


Pegasus Wiki:

Pegasus Table of Contents

  1. Getting started with Pegasus

  2. Emulator Configurations

Getting started with Pegasus

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  • Type of Tool: Binary Package
  • Executable Location: /home/deck/Applications/pegasus-fe
  • Scraped Media Location: Emulation/roms
    • A media folder is located in each ROM folder
  • Config Location: /home/deck/.config/pegasus-frontend

Note: ~/.config is a hidden folder by default. In Dolphin (file manager), click the hamburger menu in the top right, click "view hidden files" to see these folders.

Pegasus Folder Locations

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These file locations apply regardless of where you chose to install EmuDeck (to your internal SSD, to your SD Card, or elsewhere). Some emulator configuration files will be located on the internal SSD as listed below.

$HOME refers to your home folder. If you are on a Steam Deck, this folder will be named /home/deck (you will likely not see deck in the file path when navigating using the file manager).

Paths beginning with Emulation/.. correspond to your EmuDeck install location. If you installed on an SD Card, your path may be /run/media/mmcblk0p1/Emulation/roms/... If you installed on your internal SSD, your path may be /home/deck/Emulation/roms/..


├── config
│   ├── game_dirs.txt
│   ├── settings.txt
│   └── themes
├── game_dirs.txt
├── lastrun.log
├── settings.txt
├── stats.db
├── themes
│   └── gameOS
└── theme_settings
    ├── gameOS.json
    ├── pegasus-theme-9999999-in-1-poly.json
    ├── pegasus-theme-grid.json
    └── skylineOS.json

How to Update Pegasus

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  • Through the Update your Emulators & Tools section on the Manage Emulators page in the EmuDeck application
  • Manual file replacement of pegasus-fe

How to Launch Pegasus in Desktop Mode

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  • Launch the Binary Package: /home/deck/Applications/pegasus-fe
  • Launch Pegasus from Steam after adding it via the Pegasus parser in Steam Rom Manager
  • Launch Pegasus Binary from the Applications Launcher (Steam Deck icon in the bottom left of the taskbar)


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Simple: ES-DE

The simple solution for scraping ROMs so they have metadata in Pegasus is to use ES-DE. Add ES-DE to Game Mode through Steam ROM Manager, open ES-DE, and scrape your ROMs. The metadata for your ROMs in ES-DE will automatically carry over to Pegasus.

Do note that there is currently a bug in Pegasus that prevents videos and audio from playing correctly.

Advanced: Skyscraper

If you are comfortable with a terminal and compiling software, you may also try Skyscraper, a command-line based scraping service. For instructions on how to compile Skyscraper, see Skyscraper.

For Skyscraper documentation, see

Pegasus Hotkeys

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See Emulator Frontends Button Combinations Profile and Emulator Frontends Radial Menu Profile for more information.

Emulator Configurations

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