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RetroArch is an open source and cross platform frontend/framework for emulators.



RetroArch Wiki:

RetroArch FAQ:

RetroArch Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with RetroArch
  2. RetroArch Tips and Tricks

Getting Started with RetroArch

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RetroArch Configuration

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  • Executable Location: %USERPROFILE%\emudeck\EmulationStation-DE\Emulators\RetroArch\retroarch.exe
  • Config Location: %USERPROFILE%\emudeck\EmulationStation-DE\Emulators\RetroArch\config
  • ROMs: Refer to the Cheat Sheet
  • BIOS: Refer to the Cheat Sheet
  • Saves:
    • Shortcut: Emulation\saves\retroarch\saves
    • Target Location: %USERPROFILE%\emudeck\EmulationStation-DE\Emulators\RetroArch\saves
  • Save States:
    • Shortcut: Emulation\saves\retroarch\states
    • Target Location: %USERPROFILE%\emudeck\EmulationStation-DE\Emulators\RetroArch\states

Works With

  • Steam Rom Manager
  • EmulationStation-DE

How to Update RetroArch And Its Cores

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How to Launch RetroArch

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  • Launch Retroarch from the EmuDeck folder in the Start Menu
  • Launch retroarch.bat file in Emulation\tools\launchers
  • Launch retroarch.exe in %USERPROFILE%\emudeck\EmulationStation-DE\Emulators\RetroArch
  • Launch the emulator from Steam after adding it via the Emulators parser in Steam ROM Manager

RetroArch Hotkeys

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Hotkeys RetroArch
Quick Menu L3 + R3 or Select + R3
Save State Select + R1
Load State Select + L1
Next Save State Slot Select + DPAD Right
Previous Save State Slot Select + DPAD Left
Fast Forward Select + R2
Rewind Select + L2
Pause/Play Select + A
Screenshot Select + B
Swap Disc Select + Y
Toggle FPS Display Select + X
Reset Emulation Select + L3
Stop Emulation Select + Start
Close/Open Lid (Nintendo DS) L3
Toggle Runahead Select + DPad Up
Blow Mic (Nintendo DS) L2
Toggle Screen Layout (Nintendo DS) R2

List of RetroArch Cores Used by EmuDeck

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Console/System RetroArch Core (Click for Libretro Article)
Amiga RetroArch PUAE
Amiga 600 RetroArch PUAE
Amiga 1200 RetroArch PUAE
Amiga CD32 RetroArch PUAE
Amstrad CPC RetroArch Caprice32
Atari 2600 RetroArch Stella
Atari Lynx RetroArch Stella
Bandai Wonderswan RetroArch Beetle Cygne
Bandai Wonderswan Color RetroArch Beetle Cygne
Commodore 16 RetroArch Vice
Commodore 64 RetroArch Vice
Commodore VIC-20 RetroArch Vice
DooM RetroArch PrBoom
DOS RetroArch DOSBox Pure
EasyRPG RetroArch EasyRPG
Final Burn Neo RetroArch FinalBurn Neo
Mattel Electronics Intellivison RetroArch FreeIntv
MAME 2003 Plus RetroArch MAME 2003 Plus
MAME 2010 RetroArch MAME 2010
MAME Current RetroArch MAME Current
NEC PC-98 RetroArch Neko Project II Kai
NEC TurboGrafx-16 RetroArch Beetle PCE
NEC TurboGrafx-CD RetroArch Beetle PCE
Neo Geo Pocket RetroArch Beetle NeoPop
Neo Geo Pocket Color RetroArch Beetle NeoPop
Nintendo 3DS RetroArch Citra
Nintendo 64 RetroArch Mupen64plus-Next
Nintendo DS RetroArch melonDS
Nintendo DS RetroArch melonDS DS
Nintendo Game Boy RetroArch SameBoy
Nintendo Game Boy RetroArch Gambatte
Nintendo Game Boy Advance RetroArch mGBA
Nintendo Game Boy Color RetroArch SameBoy
Nintendo Game Boy Color RetroArch Gambatte
Nintendo NES RetroArch Mesen
Nintendo NES RetroArch Nestopia
Nintendo SNES (Super Nintendo) RetroArch Snes9x
Nintendo SNES (Super Nintendo) HD RetroArch bsnes hd beta
Nintendo Virtual Boy RetroArch Beetle VB
Panasonic 3DO RetroArch Opera
Pico-8 RetroArch Pico-8
Sega 32X RetroArch PicoDrive
Sega CD RetroArch Genesis Plus GX
Sega Dreamcast RetroArch FlyCast
Sega Game Gear RetroArch Genesis Plus GX
Sega Genesis/Mega Drive RetroArch Genesis Plus GX
Sega Genesis Widescreen RetroArch Genesis Plus GX
Sega Master System RetroArch Genesis Plus GX
Sega Saturn RetroArch Beetle Saturn
Sega Saturn RetroArch Kronos
Sega Saturn RetroArch Yabause
Sharp X68000 RetroArch PX68k
Sinclair ZX Spectrum RetroArch Fuse
Sony PlayStation RetroArch Beetle HW
Sony PlayStation RetroArch Swanstation
Sony PlayStation Portable RetroArch PPSSPP

RetroArch Tips and Tricks

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