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Save Management

Save Management Table of Contents

  1. Save Management

  2. Emulator Quirks

Emulator Save and Save State Locations

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Note: Some of the save locations below may include both a Symlink and a Target location. A Symlink is similar to a Windows shorcut, it points to the original location of the file and allows for easier access of that file. If you are backing up save files or interacting with save files, be sure to use the Target location. Backing up the Symlink location will not preserve the original save files.

Some of the Symlinks below (including RPCS3 and Yuzu) may point to another location within the Emulation folder created by EmuDeck. Although backing up the symlink will not preserve these saves, these saves are still localized within your general Emulation folder meaning that if your EmuDeck install is on an SD Card or you backed up the entire Emulation folder, these saves are safe.

Cemu Native

  • Saves Location:
    • Symlink: Emulation/saves/Cemu/saves/
    • Target: Emulation/roms/wiiu/mlc01/usr/save

Cemu Proton

  • Saves Location:
    • Symlink: Emulation/saves/Cemu/saves/
    • Target: Emulation/roms/wiiu/mlc01/usr/save


  • Saves Location:
    • Symlink: Emulation/saves/citra/saves
    • Target: /home/deck/.var/app/org.citra_emu.citra/data/citra-emu/sdmc
  • Save States Location:
    • Symlink: Emulation/saves/citra/states/
    • Target: /home/deck/.var/app/org.citra_emu.citra/data/citra-emu/states


  • Saves (Wii):
    • Symlink: Emulation/saves/dolphin/Wii
    • Target: /home/deck/.var/app/org.DolphinEmu.dolphin-emu/data/dolphin-emu/Wii
  • Saves (GameCube):
    • Symlink: Emulation/saves/dolphin/GC
    • Target: /home/deck/.var/app/org.DolphinEmu.dolphin-emu/data/dolphin-emu/GC
  • Save States (Wii):
    • Symlink: Emulation/saves/dolphin/StateSaves
    • Target: /home/deck/.var/app/org.DolphinEmu.dolphin-emu/data/dolphin-emu/StateSaves
  • Save States (GameCube):
    • Symlink: Emulation/saves/dolphin/StateSaves
    • Target: /home/deck/.var/app/org.DolphinEmu.dolphin-emu/data/dolphin-emu/StateSaves


  • Saves: Emulation/saves/duckstation/saves
  • Save States: Emulation/saves/duckstation/states


  • Saves: Emulation/saves/MAME/saves
  • Save States: Emulation/saves/MAME/states


  • Saves: Emulation/saves/melonds/saves
  • Save States: Emulation/saves/melonds/states


  • Saves: Emulation/saves/mgba/saves
  • Save States Emulation/saves/mgba/states


  • Saves: Emulation/saves/pcsx2/saves
  • Save States Emulation/saves/pcsx2/states


  • Saves:
    • Symlink: Emulation/saves/ppsspp/saves
    • Target: /home/deck/.var/app/org.ppsspp.PPSSPP/config/ppsspp/PSP/SAVEDATA
  • Save States:
    • Symlink: Emulation/saves/ppsspp/states/
    • Target: /home/deck/.var/app/org.ppsspp.PPSSPP/config/ppsspp/PSP/PPSSPP_STATE


  • Saves:
    • Symlink: Emulation/saves/primehack/Wii
    • Target: /home/deck/.var/app/io.github.shiiion.primehack/data/dolphin-emu/Wii
  • Save States:
    • Symlink: Emulation/saves/primehack/Savestates
    • Target: /home/deck/.var/app/io.github.shiiion.primehack/data/dolphin-emu/StateSaves/


  • Saves:
    • Symlink: Emulation/saves/retroarch/saves
    • Target Location: /home/deck/.var/app/org.libretro.RetroArch/config/retroarch/saves/
  • Save States:
    • Symlink: Emulation/saves/retroarch/states
    • Target Location: /home/deck/.var/app/org.libretro.RetroArch/config/retroarch/states/

Rosalie's Mupen GUI

  • Saves: Emulation/saves/RMG/saves
  • Save States: Emulation/saves/RMG/states


  • Saves:
    • Symlink: Emulation/saves/rpcs3/saves
    • Target: Emulation/storage/rpcs3/dev_hdd0/home/00000001/savedata


  • Saves:
    • Symlink: Emulation/saves/ryujinx/saves
    • Target: /home/deck/.config/Ryujinx/bis/user/save
  • saveMeta:
    • Symlink: Emulation/saves/Ryujinx/saveMeta
    • Target: /home/deck/.config/Ryujinx/bis/user/saveMeta


  • Saves: Emulation/saves/scummvm/saves


  • Saves: Emulation/storage/Vita3K/ux0/user/00/savedata
    • Save folders correspond to a game's Title ID. To locate your game's Title ID, open Vita3K, right click a game, and click Information


  • Saves:
    • Emulation/storage/xemu/xbox_hdd.qcow2
    • Emulation/storage/xemu/eeprom.bin


  • Saves: Emulation/roms/xbox360/content


  • Saves:
    • Symlink: Emulation/saves/yuzu/
    • Target Location: Emulation/storage/yuzu/nand/user/save/

Emulator Quirks

Xemu: How to Access Saves

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See Xemu: How to Access Saves.

Yuzu: Save Data Disappeared

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See Yuzu: Save Data Disappeared.