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DuckStation is a Sony Playstation 1 emulator.



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DuckStation Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with DuckStation

  2. DuckStation Tips and Tricks

Getting Started with DuckStation

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DuckStation is a fairly straight-forward emulator to set up. Place your ROMs in Emulation\roms\psx. Place your BIOS directly in Emulation\bios. Read the Configuration section to learn more about DuckStation and its folder locations.

To launch your ROMs in game mode, use Steam ROM Manager and use one of the following parsers to play your PlayStation 1 ROMs:

  • EmulationStation-DE
  • Sony PlayStation - DuckStation
  • Emulators

DuckStation Configuration

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  • Executable Location: %USERPROFILE%\emudeck\EmulationStation-DE\Emulators\duckstation\duckstation-qt-x64-ReleaseLTCG.exe
  • Config Location: %USERPROFILE%\emudeck\EmulationStation-DE\Emulators\duckstation
  • ROM Location: Emulation/roms/psx
  • BIOS Location: Emulation/bios
    • IMPORTANT: Files go directly in this folder. Do not make or use a PSX, PS1, or any sort of folder here. DuckStation will not be able to find your bios files if they are in a folder.
    • Example BIOS
    • scph5500.bin (JP)
    • scph5501.bin (US)
    • scph5502.bin (EU)
  • Saves:
    • Shortcut: Emulation\saves\duckstation\saves
    • Target: %USERPROFILE%\emudeck\EmulationStation-DE\Emulators\duckstation\memcards
  • Save States:
    • Shortcut: Emulation\saves\duckstation\states
    • Target: %USERPROFILE%\emudeck\EmulationStation-DE\Emulators\duckstation\savestates

How to Update DuckStation

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How to Launch DuckStation

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  • Launch DuckStation from the EmuDeck folder in the Start Menu
  • Launch duckstation.bat file in Emulation\tools\launchers
  • Launch duckstation-qt-x64-ReleaseLTCG.exe in %USERPROFILE%\emudeck\EmulationStation-DE\Emulators\duckstation
  • Launch the emulator from Steam after adding it via the Emulators parser in Steam ROM Manager

DuckStation File Formats

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  • .cue
  • .chd
  • .ecm
  • .iso
  • .m3u
  • .mds
  • .pbp

DuckStation Tips and Tricks

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