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What is DeckyControls?

DeckyControls is a plugin for Decky Loader, which allows you to view EmuDeck's hotkeys in Game Mode.

How to Install

Installation Page:

After installing DeckyControls, restart your Steam Deck (Returning to Game Mode is not equivalent to a restart).

How to Use DeckyControls

  1. In Game Mode, press the ... (QAM), press the Socket Icon
  2. Select EmuDeck Hotkeys
    1. Visual Reference:
  3. Select a system
    1. Visual Reference:
  4. A page with the hotkeys for that system will pop up on your screen
    1. Visual Reference (Using Citra as an example):


  • Some systems have multiple tabs for hotkeys. For example, Dolphin has a Hotkeys tab and a Hotkeys - Expert tab.