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Cloud Services: Your Favorite Cloud Services on Steam Deck

The Cloud Services Manager (CSM) handles two types of services:

  1. Cloud Services - (Simple scripts that launch the web browser and go to the script's website)
  2. Remote Play Clients - (Installed applications on the Steam Deck designed for remote play)

Cloud Services Table of Contents

Getting Started with Cloud Services

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  1. Launch "Cloud Services Manager" from EmuDeck
  2. Verify the correct web browser is set as shown on the main menu
    • If not, click "Change Settings" and select your desired web browser.
    • Note: If the web browser isn't installed, EmuDeck will install it. To uninstall a browser, use the "Discover" app in desktop mode.
  3. Return to the main menu and choose "Manage Cloud Services" or "Manage Remote Play Clients"
    • 3.1. "Manage Cloud Services"
      • 3.1.1. Check the boxes for scripts you want or uncheck those you want removed then click "Ok"
      • 3.1.2. Any checked scripts will be downloaded into your "Emulation/roms/cloud" directory and any existing that match our file names will be updated.
    • 3.2. "Manage Remote Play Clients"
      • 3.2.1. Check the boxes for which clients you want then click "Start"
      • 3.2.2. Any unchecked (if previously installed) will be uninstalled.
      • 3.2.3. Any checked will be installed or updated if previously installed
      • Note: You can also uninstall these clients from the "Discover" app in desktop mode since they are flatpaks.
  4. After making any changes (installing/uninstalling/file renaming) you need to run Steam Rom Manager (SRM) using the "Cloud Services" or "Remote Play Clients" parser so uninstalled items are removed and newly installed items are added to Steam with artwork and accessible in game mode.

"Cloud Services" will be shown in a new Steam collection labeled "Cloud Services"

"Remote Play Clients" will be shown in a new Steam collection labeled "Remote Play Clients"


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  • Cloud Services Folder Location (web browser launcher script): Emulation/roms/cloud
  • Remote Play Client Folder Location (flatpak launcher script): Emulation/roms/remoteplay

List of Cloud Services

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Cloud Services Website Type of Service
Amazon Luna Gaming
Amazon Prime Video Streaming
Apple TV Music
audiobookshelf* Self Hosted
Crunchyroll Streaming
Discord Social Media
Disney+ Streaming
Dropout Streaming
Emby* Self Hosted
HBO Max Streaming
Home Assistant* Home Automation
Hulu Streaming
Jellyfin* Self Hosted
Kavita* Self Hosted
Netflix Streaming
Paramount+ Streaming
Peacock TV Streaming
Plex* Self Hosted
Spotify Music
Tiktok Social Media
Twitch Livestreaming
Twitter Social Media
Vimeo Video Platform
webRcade* Gaming
Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) Gaming
YouTube Video Platform
YouTube Music Music
YouTube TV Streaming

* These may be self hosted services. If you run your own server, open the script in a text editor (KWrite, Notepad, etc) and change the LINK variable to be your server IP address. After saving, be sure to rename the file so it isn't reverted to default when you update the scripts. (Example: "" → "")

List of Remote Play Clients

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Remote Play Client Website Packaging Format Type of Service
Chiaki Flatpak Remote Play Client for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
Greenlight AppImage Remote Play Client for Xbox One and Xbox series
Moonlight Flatpak Remote Play Client for PC Games
Parsec Flatpak Remote Desktop
Shadow PC AppImage Cloud Gaming
Spotify Flatpak Music
Steam Link Flatpak Remote Play Client for Steam

Steam Input Profile

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Steam Input Profile: EmuDeck - Cloud

By default, the controls are that of a standard gamepad along with:

- L/R Trackpads being mouse input
- R Trackpad click is "Left Mouse Click"
- L Trackpad click is "Right Mouse Click"
- Pressing "Start + Select" will close the current tab in a web browser
- Press and hold L4 (Upper left paddle button) to change button layer to "Web Navigation"

"Web Navigation" action layer (need to hold L4 for these keys to be active):

- Start is "Escape"
- Select is "Tab"
- D pad is "Arrow keys"
- R1 (Right bumper) is "Page Forward"
- L1 (Left bumper) is "Page Back"
- R2 (Right trigger) is "Left mouse click"
- L2 (Left trigger) is "Right mouse click"
- A is "Play/Pause (Space Key)"
- B is "Back (Escape Key)"
- X is "Find in Page (F3)"
- Y is "Refresh (F5)"
- Rotate left joystick to scroll: CW scroll down, CCW scroll up